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Office Phone: 0090 312 210 5016
Email: cihangir (at) metu (dot) edu (dot) tr

Postal Address (on leave):
Dr. Cihangir Tezcan
Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi

Fen-Edebiyat Fakültesi Dekanlığı

26 February 2018: Although I cryptanalyzed ciphers designed by others all this time, for the first time in my life, as a part of my research at RUB with Gregor Leander, I designed a block cipher. Silent Encryption Decryption Algorithm (SEDA for short, which means "sound" in Turkish) is the first cipher that is designed specifically for GPU architecture. Click here for the SILENT cipher page.

18 January 2018: I returned to METU and moved back to Turkey. Please do not send anything to my German address. I am currently teaching Cyber Security and Cryptography courses as an adjunct faculty at Department of Cyber Security. I will teach CSEC507 Applied Cryptology and CSEC502 Network Security at Spring 2018 Semester.

03 April 2017:  I am currently on leave until 2018. I am doing post-doctoral research at RUHR Universitat Bochum, Germany with Gregor Leander's Symmetric Cryptography Group.

I hold a permanent researcher position at Department of Mathematics, Middle East Technical University at Ankara, Turkey. I am also an affiliated faculty at Department of Cyber Security, Institute of Informatics and Department of Cryptography, Institute of Applied Mathematics. I have left Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) and I am no longer using my EPFL email address.

During my MS and PhD studies, I focused mainly on block cipher cryptanalysis and I discovered the Improbable Differential Cryptanalysis. I provided the best known attacks on the block ciphers HIGHT (standardized at South Korea), CLEFIA (developed by SONY Corporation), and SERPENT (AES candidate). I visited EPFL in 2010 for 1 year and I did reasearch on provable security under the supervision of Prof. Serge Vaudenay and on GHS attack and genus 2 curves under the supervision of Prof. Arjen Lenstra.

Program Committee Member

2019: ICISSP 2019
SIN'18, ICISSP 2018
2015: SIN'15, ICISSP 2015, ISCTURKEY 2015
2014: SIN'14
2013: SIN'13

 Organizing Committee Member

2013: ISCTURKEY 2013, Ankara Cryptology Seminars

Conference Refereeing

2016: CHES 2016
2015: SAC 2015, Latincrypt 2015, WCC 2015, CT-RSA 2015, FSE 2015
2011: Lightsec 2011

Journal Refereeing

IET Information Security
- The Computer Journal
- Security and Communication Networks


- Asuman Şenol, 2016-2017, Thesis: Improved Differential Attacks on RECTANGLE, MSc degree awarded on 7th August 2017
- Erol Doğan, 2016-2017, Thesis: Differential Factors and Differential Cryptanalysis of Block Cipher PRIDE, MSc degree awarded on 7th July 2017
- Rusydi Hasan Makarim, 2013-2014, Thesis: Relating Undisturbed Bits to Other Properties of S-boxes, MSc degree awarded on 30th June 2014


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