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Journal Papers:

3. Leander, G., Tezcan C., Wiemer, F.: Searching Subspace Trails and Truncated Differentials. IACR Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology. Volume 2018 first issue.

2. Tezcan C., Selçuk A. A.: Improved Improbable Differential Attacks on ISO Standard CLEFIA: Expansion Technique Revisited, Information Processing Letters 116(2), 136-143 (2016)

1. Tezcan C.: Improbable Differential Attacks on PRESENT using Undisturbed Bits. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics volume 259, Part B(0), 503-511 (2014),  

Refereed Conference Papers:

11. Tezcan C.: Truncated, Impossible, and Improbable Differential Analysis of Ascon, In Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP) 2016, pp. 325-332 (scitepress link)

10. Tezcan C.: Differential Factors Revisited: Corrected Attacks on PRESENT and SERPENT. In Güneysu, Leander, and Moradi (eds.) Lightsec 2015. LNCS, vol. 9542, pp. 21-33. Springer (2015)

9. Tezcan C., Özbudak F.: Differential Factors: Improved Attacks on SERPENT. In Eisenbarth and Öztürk (eds.) Lightsec 2014. LNCS, vol. 8898, pp. 69-84. Springer (2014)

8. Makarim R.H., Tezcan C.: Relating Undisturbed Bits to Other Properties of Substitution Boxes. In Eisenbarth and Öztürk (eds.) Lightsec 2014. LNCS, vol. 8898, pp. 109-125. Springer (2014)

7. Tezcan C., Taşkın H.K., Demircioğlu M.: Improbable Differential Attacks on SERPENT using Undisturbed Bits. In Poet R., Rajarajan M. (eds.) SIN'14. pp. 145-150, ACM (2014)

6. Temizel A., Tezcan C.: Cryptanalysis of PRESENT via CUDA Devices (poster), GPU Technology Conference, March 2014 (Mirror)

5. Tezcan C.: Improbable Differential Attack on PRESENT using Undisturbed Bits. In International Conference on Applied and Computational Mathematics (ICACM 2012), Book of Abstracts, Ankara, TURKEY (3 October 2012)

4. Tezcan C., Serge Vaudenay: On Hiding a Plaintext Length by Preencryption. In Lopez J., Tsudik G. (eds.) ACNS 2011. LNCS, vol. 6715, pp. 345-358. Springer (2011)

3. Tezcan C.: The Improbable Differential Attack: Cryptanalysis of Reduced Round CLEFIA. In Gong G., Gupta K. C. (eds.) INDOCRYPT 2010. LNCS, vol. 6498, pp. 197-209. Springer (2010)

2. Varıcı K., Özen O., Tezcan C., Kocair Ç.: Lightweight Block Ciphers Revisited: Cryptanalysis of Reduced Round PRESENT and HIGHT. In Boy C., Nieto J. G. (eds.) ACISP 2009. LNCS, vol. 5594, pp. 90-107. Springer (2009) 

1. Doğanaksoy A., Tezcan C.: Alternative Approach to Maurer's Universal Statistical Test. 3rd Information Security & Cryptology Conference, Ankara, December (2008)

Technical Reports, Projects, Thesis,...:

5. Tezcan C.: Random Self-reducibility of the Discrete Logarithm Problem for Genus 2 Curves. Candidacy exam write-up, LACAL. Responsible: Arjen Lenstra. Supervision: Dimitar Jetchev. Committee: Serge Vaudenay, Arjen Lenstra, Philippe Mitchel. Lausanne (EPFL), SWITZERLAND (13 September 2011)

4. Tezcan C.: On Hiding Message Length in Symmetric-key Cryptography. LASEC Project Report. Responsible: Serge Vaudenay. Supervisor: Serge Vaudenay. Lausanne (EPFL), SWITZERLAND (January 2011)

3. Tezcan C.: Incentivizing Collaboration in Privacy-preserving Mechanisms Using Scrip System - Simulation. LCA1 Project Report. Responsible: Jean-Pierre Hubaux. Lausanne (EPFL), SWITZERLAND (11 January 2011)

2. Tezcan C.: Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis of Reduced Round HIGHT. M.Sc. Thesis. Advisor: Ali Doğanaksoy. Institute of Applied Mathematics, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TURKEY (July 2009)

1. Tezcan C.: Improbable Differential Cryptanalysis. PhD Thesis. Advisor: Ali Doğanaksoy. Co-advisor: Ersan Akyıldız. Institute of Applied Mathematics, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, TURKEY (June 2014)


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